Company accounting

Administration of salaries

When a company has employees, it is necessary to declare salaries and form their payslips. In order for us to do this, we need some information from you every month.

Standard employment contract preparation

When hiring an employee, it is necessary to sign an employment contract with him, which would define all duties and rights.


“Zero” declaration to SKAT

If a company has a taxpayer or employer registration but was no any activities and / or no employees was hired during the reporting period, reports must still be submitted, otherwise fines will accrue. Amount of the fine – 800 DKK.

Extended yearly income declaration/ Udvidet årsopgørelse

Owners of sole proprietorships do not need to submit an income statement to the register center, but must submit an extended annual tax return, which is linked to their personal declaration.

Annual report for ApS/Holding

At the end of the financial year an income statement must be submitted to the skat and register center ( You can choose to have it done by us or an authorized auditor.

Business plan and yearly budget

In order to open a business account, the bank needs to submit a business plan and the estimated budget of the company.


In order for us to describe the activity as accurately as possible, we will send you a questionnaire, on the basis of which a business plan and a budget will be written.


If you do not have time to write an invoice. We can help you and write out for you.

Company’s account creation at a debt collection agency- Inkasso

A Inkasso account is required if you have an insolvent customer and want to transfer it to bailiffs.


You then need to create an account in the collection (bailiff) system for debts up to 50,000. If the debt is higher, you need to consult a lawyer.


Nem-ID order for the company can take from 4 to 7 working days. Nem-id -company’s electronic signature allowing access to all state institutions.

Balance & profit statement presentation in Excel

If the company does not have an accounting program and the accounting is kept in excel, the profit and loss statement and balance sheet need to be formed manually.

Registration of a change for company’s owner, director, name, address or contact details

Establishment of a case at debt collection agency- Inkasso

Salary calculator