Price list

1000 DKK
Changes registration of company name, owner (ApS)
Extended annual statement
Establishment a permanent place of business in Denmark (branch)
Establishment of a one-owner company
Business plan (extended)
Assistance with child benefits application
Reclaiming of the private pension savings
500 DKK
Yearly budget
Business plan (standard)
Balance and income statement preparation
Registering new user into salary system
Company bank account application filling
Employee activation in RUT
Closure of one - owner company
Creating a debt collection account
Creating a MobilePay account for a company
Assistance with getting a permission to drive a vehicle with foreign number plates (Motor Styrelsen)
Filling of 04.029 form, deregistration from Folkeregister and holiday allowance submission
Change of address
Holiday allowance ordering without NemID
Yearly income tax card review and adjustment
Annual income tax return - ?rsopg?relse
Application filling for personal bank account opening
NemKonto activation with NETS
Social insurance document ordering
CPR or/and skatt card ordering
OD1 application filling
500 DKK
Company registration as as an employer
Company registration as a VAT payer
Changes registration of company information
Zero declaration of VAT
Creating a case in a debt collection agency
Ordering of NemID (medarbejdersignatur)
Employee activation in RUT
Holiday allowance ordering with NemID
NemKonto activation with NemID
125 DKK
Activation of NemID (medarbejdersignatur)
Place and time registration - continuous registration in RUT (per 1 employee)
Zero statement of salary
Other servicesDKK (excl.vat)
Accounting450 per hour
Consultation/assistance450 per hour
Yearly report to the ApS company (without audit)From 3000
Yearly report for holding (without audit)1500
Establishment of a private limited company (ApS)5000
Closure of a private limited company (ApS)3000
APV preparation450 per hour
Salary administration100 per unit
Employment contract200 per unit
Invoicing 100 per unit
Representation of non-our clients in 3f cases750/h