About us

Baltic Enterprise ApS

Our Mission

To provide customers with the most optimal development and business management solutions in both domestic and international markets.

We provide quality business administration and accounting services in order to save your money and time.

This means that we: listen to our customers, share the knowledge we have with them and make an effort to fully meet their needs and expectations. We create individual offers and a package of services for our customers, which ensures maximum reliability.

Our vision

To be a reliable partner for the companies seeking to achieve the highest results and to become one of the leaders in business consulting and accounting services for the immigrants in Denmark.

This means that we work to earn the trust of our customers as their partner every day, while this trust leads us to leadership that we strive to achieve.

To make our company’s vision a reality, we have set ourselves the following goals:

  • Meet the highest standards and provide high-quality business consulting and accounting services to help our Clients develop their business through efficient organization of long-term quality services
  • To create optimal conditions for efficient work, to ensure professional development and personal growth, as well as opportunities for self-expression. Use smart technological solutions that allows us to effectively manage not only resources of our company, but also to maximally control the execution of each task and delivery of relevant information to our customers.
  • To form a correct, respectful approach to the business environment, laws, morals and society principles.
  • Take care of the environment and protect it by helping our customers work in a modern way using ecologically safe equipment, choosing the optimal work performance solutions.

Our team

Inga Lap

Inga Lapinskaitė - Mikalauskė



Elena Stončiuvienė



Megi Martinkienė



Sofija Narkūnienė



Viktorija Dobrovolskienė

Business consultant


Ieva Jankauskė

Administrative Specialist

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Edita Urbonė



Kristina Paulauskė

Business Consultant

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Vaida Paulauskė

Business consultant