Terms & Conditions

  1. Application
1.1.The following terms and conditions for Baltic Enterprise ApS (henceforth “the Company”) set the terms for all deliveries of advisory and consultancy services from the Company to the Customer.
1.2.In the event of any discrepancy between these terms and the Customer’s general terms and conditions, the following shall prevail.
1.3.The provisions of points 4.3, 4.4. and 9.1 shall apply only to business customers.
  2. The coverage of the agreement
2.1. The Company’s services (henceforth “Services”) are described in the letter of agreement between the Customer and the Company.
2.2. The Company strives for quality and customer service, so the provision of the Service is intended to be consistent with the agreed schedule between the parties. The Customer will receive an invoice by email for the agreed Service, which the Customer must pay within 7 days before the work can be initiated.
2.3. Any extension or deviation of the agreement must be made by agreement and in writing between the Customer and the Company.
  3. The Customer’s obligations
3.1. According to our pursuit of efficiency, it is expected that both parties participate actively in the process and keep each other updated on materialities related to delivering the Service.
3.2. The Company expects a loyal cooperation in which the Customer makes the Company aware of matters that assist the solution of the task and thus the delivery of the agreed Service. Furthermore, it is expected that the Customer immediately informs the Company of any approaches, suggestions or other matters that are of interest to the Customer and are essential for the delivery of the agreed Service.
3.3. The Customer is expected to provide access to it’s necessary data and information, as well as employees who can assist in the delivery of the agreed Service.
  4.Payment terms and expenses
4.1. The Company’s fee for the delivery of the agreed Service is calculated in accordance with the Company’s online (on the website) price list, unless otherwise agreed in writing or orally. The prices stated by the price list are exclusive of the VAT or other similar taxes applicable at any time.
4.2. The Company’s services, which are not included in the online price list, are paid for an hourly fee, which is agreed in the cooperation agreement.
4.3. Unless otherwise agreed, the Customer will be billed for the Service on monthly and with a 7 days payment deadline. The Customer may, at own request, extend the payment period in the case of special circumstances, which is determined by the Company.
4.4. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that payment of invoices does not exceed the agreed deadline. If the invoice is not paid on time, the Company has the right to temporarily suspend its service until it has been paid and withhold received material from the Customer.
5.1. The employees of the Company are subject to the obligation of confidentiality with regard to the information it receives in connection with the execution of the work. The duty of confidentiality does not stop after the agreed Service has been delivered to the customer. Information should not be disclosed to third parties without a prior written consent of the Customer.
5.2. The Company expects a mutual understanding in the collection and processing of confidential material and information that are part of the work carried out between this and the customer.
5.3. If the Company is legally obliged to disclose confidential material by a court or public authority, this shall not be regarded as a breach of confidentiality. The Company must notify the Customer immediately before the disclosure (to the extent that it is reasonably practicable and permitted by law).
  6. Personal data
6.1. In regard to the Company’s execution of work, the Company respects the expectations set for personal data protection and confidentiality. The Company collects and processes data in accordance with Danish law and in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act.
  7. Liability and liability exemption
7.1. The Company is responsible for the agreed Service to the Customer in accordance with the general rules of Danish law, and only the following representations.
7.2.The Company is not liable for indirect losses, including but not limited to operating losses, lost profits or goodwill.
7.3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the liability of the Company is limited to the amount that the Company’s liability insurance will pay out in connection with errors or negligence that does not exceed DKK 1,000,000 per damage per year.
  8. Disputes and jurisdictions
8.1. The agreement in question between the Company and the Customer is subject to Danish law.
8.2. Any dispute that may arise in connection with the Agreement, including but not limited to content, termination, scope or breach, is governed by Danish law and must be settled by the court of the Customer’s jurisdiction at the time of the proceedings.
  9. Notice of termination
9.1. Service agreements between the Customer and the Company may be terminated by both parties with one months notice until the end of a month, unless otherwise agreed between the parties concerned. At the end of the agreement, provisions which are by their nature to be terminated shall apply.
9.2. If public authorities state that the Customer has problems with the public sector, the Company has the right to terminate its service by sending the customer a written warning.