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Accounting and business consulting services for business in Denmark

Service price list

One-owner company establishment 1000DKK + moms (+VAT) 
Establishment of a private limited company (ApS) 5000DKK + moms (+VAT)
Business plan and yearly budget 500 - 1000DKK + moms (+VAT)
Registration of a new user in the salary system (Danløn) 500DKK + moms (+VAT)
Administration of salaries (price per payslip) 100DKK + moms (+VAT)
Registration of a foreign company in RUT system 500DKK + moms (+VAT)
Standard employment contract preparation (per employee) 200DKK + moms (+VAT)
Activation of a single employee in RUT system 300DKK + moms (+VAT)
Working place and period registration (continuous registration in RUT) 150DKK + moms (+VAT)
Private tax card correction 320DKK + moms (+VAT)
Private budget 500DKK + moms (+VAT)
Assistance with establishment of a private bank account REVOLUT 350DKK + moms (+VAT)
Assistance with establishment of a business account in danish banks (filling of a contact form) 650DKK + moms (+VAT) 
Establishment of Revolut business account 1000DKK + moms (+VAT)
Invoicing (per pcs.) 100DKK + moms (+VAT)
Preparation of APV from 2000DKK + moms (+VAT)
Establishment of a case at debt collection agency- Inkasso 300DKK + moms (+VAT)
Company’s account creation at a debt collection agency- Inkasso 350DKK + moms (+VAT)
Balance & profit statement presentation in Excel 800DKK + moms (+VAT)
Balance & profit statement presentation in Billy, e-conomic 600DKK + moms (+VAT)
Closure of one-owner company 500DKK + moms (+VAT)
Closure of a private limited company (ApS) 3000DKK + moms (+VAT)
Annual report for ApS (without audit) 3000DKK + moms (+VAT)
Annual report for IVS (without audit) 3000DKK + moms (+VAT)
Annual report for Holding (without audit) 1500DKK + moms (+VAT)
Registering a company as an employer 300DKK + moms (+VAT)
“Zero” declaration to SKAT (in case of no employees in a month) 100DKK + moms (+VAT)
“Zero” declaration to SKAT (in case of no VAT declaration in a month/quarter/semiannually) 200DKK + moms (+VAT)
Registration of a change for company’s owner or director (excl. additional fee of 180 DKK) 800DKK + moms (+VAT)
Change of company name, address or contact details 200DKK + moms (+VAT)


Where to get approval for a notary?
Every Danish city has a notary in the court house. Prices start at 100DKK, a notary list can be found in the link.
Can one-owner companies have employees?
Yes, it can.

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