Exports of vehicles

As a car owner, you can get a refund of your car’s import tax (Registreringsafgift) by deregistering your car from the Danish Motorregister. It is important to note that the decision may take up to 3 weeks and a fee of at least 8,500 will be deducted for the refunded amount.

5 steps have to be fulfilled so your car will be deregistered:

1.Perform technical examination (for older cars, motorcycles and written off vehicles);

  • Prior to deregistration, the vehicle must be evaluated by the technical inspection – Toldsyn.
  • This survey is valid for:
  • For cars and motorcycles older than 10 years. Occasionally, vehicles under 10 years of age also need to be inspected.

2. Valuation of the vehicle’s worth

Contact Motorstyrelen for a valuation of the car at least 14 days prior to departure.

  • Log in to Motorregistret with your NemID or Digital Signatur;
  • Click on Motor- Motorregistret- Registreringsafgift- Anmod om værdifastsættelse;
  • Enter the vehicle’s RAK code or control number from the registreringsattest;
  • Fill in the required data on the screen and press Godkend.
  • You will receive a confirmation number and journal nummer that you will use in Step 4.

If you do not have NemID or Digital Signatur, you should notify Motorregistret of your export by email: motorekspedition@motorst.dk

Without CPR or CVR number you should register at AKR – alternativ kontaktregister. In order to enter the AKR register, one of the following forms should be completed: Blanket 21.081 for individuals or 21.082 for legal entities.

3. Return of license plates

The license plates have to be returned to motorekspedition or nummerpladeroperatør. https://skat.dk/skat.aspx?oId=2310

4.  Sending documents to Motorstyrelsen

Motorstyrelsen must receive:

  • Ownership documents if you are not registered as the owner in Motorregistret, for example sale and purchase agreement, etc.
  • Selling documents if the vehicle is sold for export, eg. purchase agreement or invoice, etc.
  • Documents of export..

More information on the requirements for submitting the required documents can be found at the link https://skat.dk/skat.aspx?oid=2233456

Email the documents to: motorekspedition@motorst.dk. Please specify journalnummer from the subject of the previously received Vehicle’s worth assessment in the subject of the email and in the letter itself. 

You will get the decision to TastSelv Borger or TastSelv Erhverv mail section.

5. Registreringsafgift payout

The amount will be paid into your NemKonto within approximately 3 weeks.

How Registreringsafgift is calculated 

The Registreringsafgift to be paid if the same vehicle was imported from abroad, will be deducted 15%.

For passenger vehicles will be deducted at least 8,500 kr. And for vans and motorcycles least 4,500 kr.

Short explanation of phrases:

Registreringsafgift- vehicle registration tax refundable.

Toldsyn– Technical inspection and assessment the car.

Mottorregister– Register of vehicles.

Motorstyrelsen– Transport ministry.

Journalnummer– Case / journal number.

Nummerpladeroperatør– State vehicle registration number issuing agency.

Prepared based on:  https://skat.dk/skat.aspx?oid=2236521