What you need to know when changing your driving license?

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If you have arrived in Denmark, you can drive vehicles with your valid EU driving license. It is important to note that you can drive exactly these vehicles which your driving license is valid for.

Changing the EU driving license to Danish

When you have a registered address in Denmark, citizens of the European Union can choose whether or not to keep their driving license or change it to the danish license. It is important to note that a driving license can be exchanged for a danish driver’s license without a driving test.

How much does it cost to change a certificate?

Changing a driver’s license to a Danish certificate costs 280 kr (2019).

Where can I change my driving license?

You need to come to the nearest Borgerservice and take with you:

  • Photo 35x 45mm (you can also make photos at your local Borgerservice)
  • Driving license
  • ID or passport
  • Doctor’s approval (in case your driving license is expired)

As a rule, Danish civil servants may require additional documents, even when they are not needed, so we recommend that you take with you a residence permit (Opholdstilladelse), proving that you live and are registered in the country.

EU driving license verification

After submitting your EU driving license to Borgerservice, a request for categories and the right to drive specific vehicles will be sent to the Police of specific EU country. This is due to the fact that Denmark and other European Union institutions cooperate with each other. A Danish driving license will only be issued after receiving confirmation from the Police of specific EU country.

Temporary driving license

On the day of transferring your foreign driving license to Borgerservice, you will receive a temporary paper driving license, based on which you can only drive in Scandinavia.

The upgrade / replacement process can take from about 2 weeks to 3 months.