Lønseddel – Payslip.

Løn – Salary.

Arbejdstimer – Work hours.

Sats – fixed amount, expressed in terms of money, such as hourly wages or overtime, supplement.

Pensionsbidrag AMP – Direct pension contributions, which is about 4% of the total salary. In addition, the employer pays 8% of your total salary to the pension fund.

ATP bidrag – Your employer transfers part of the salary to the labor market supplementary pension fund. For a full-time job, you are charged 90 DKK per month. From your salary, the deduction to this fund is 1/3 of the contributions, and the employer pays 2/3 of the contributions, or 180 DKK.

Arbejdsmarkedsbidrag AM bidrag – Labor market tax. All employees have to pay 8% of labor market contributions. The contribution is deducted from the total wage, after deducting the contributions of the supplementary pension funds and before deducting other benefits. The remaining amount is subject to a fee.

Skattefradrag – The tax-free minimum is DKK 46,200 per year (2019) for persons over 18 years of age. It is divided into twelve months. This amount may increase if you also have other tax benefits for traveling to work, credits taken, etc.

A-Skat – From the main income, which is above the tax-free minimum, employee has to pay taxes, which is an average of 36-39%.

B-Skat – These taxes are calculated from a secondary source of income, where “Skattefradrag” (The tax-free minimum) is not being included in the calculation, which means that all taxes are paid from the total amount.

Feriepenge – Holiday money, which represents 12.5% of your total income. This amount is paid by your employer and is not deducted from your salary. From this amount, there are additional taxes deducted and then the remaining amount is transferred to Feriekonto. You can view all the latest fees and their sizes by clicking on the link.