You can stay for 3 months without official registration in Denmark. If you have come to Denmark to find a job and are actively looking for a job, you must register here within 6 months of the first day of entry. Therefore, if you intend to spend more than 3 months in Denmark, you must apply for a residence permit before the first 3 months. Registration in Denmark (officially known as EU Registration Certificate) is granted indefinitely as long as the recipient fulfills conditions under which the authorization was granted. When you stay in Denmark without interruption for 5 years with such registration, you can apply for an unlimited residence permit in this country. This means that you will no longer be required to comply with any of the 5 conditions (see below) on the basis of this permission, on the basis of which a previous temporary registration in Denmark was granted.


Work – with paid work and a contract of employment. When submitting documents for this registration, the employment contract must be dated and signed no later than a month ago. An alternative to an employment contract is Appendix A filled in by the employer.

Studies – after joining one of the Danish universities or colleges approved by the Danish Research Support Agency (Styrelsen for Vidergaende Uddannelser or SU). In this case, you must sign a declaration that you have sufficient income to survive in Denmark and will not be a burden on the social assistance system.

Business – Registration is given to those who have already started or are planning to start their own business in Denmark. When submitting your documents for registration, you also need to submit a business budget for the first year, approved by an auditor registered in Denmark and authorized by the state, as well as a document certifying registration with the Danish Business Agency, as well as a lease / leasing agreement, where business activity will be located.

Sufficient financial resources – a bank account statement which proves that you will be able to maintain yourself with sufficient financial income or savings and not become a financial burden on the social assistance system. Your financial resources must be no less than the minimum amount of benefits paid in Denmark calculated according to the Active Social Policy Act (Chapter 25, Section 12, as well as Chapter 34). The amount currently charged for guidance purposes is equivalent to EUR 10,000 per year, which means you need to provide a bank statement stating that you have at least the same amount on your account. The bank statement must not be older than 14 days.

Legally residing family in Denmark – a family member who travels together or arrives for a longer period with a person who is already registered in Denmark under one of the above points. The host person must prove that he is actually legally resident in Denmark. It is necessary to have a copy of the EU registration certificate, a contract of employment dated and signed no earlier than a month before the documents are submitted. If the family member lives and works in Denmark for a longer period, the alternative to the employment contract is Appendix A completed by the employer. It is also necessary to provide a marriage certificate or other documents confirming the previous life together with your partner. If there are children in the family, child birth certificates or the remaining father / mother’s permission for the child to reside abroad must be provided.
Documents submitted must be translated into English or Danish and certified by a notary.


You have the right to stay and keep your residence permit in Denmark and stop working here in the following cases:
If you stop working or doing business after you reach retirement age (65 years). Until then you worked or had business in Denmark for the last 12 months, and you also have an unlimited residence permit and have been living in Denmark for the last 3 years without interruption,
If you stop working or doing business due to an injury or accident. You have been legally resident in Denmark for the last 2 years,
If you stop working or doing business after 3 years of living in Denmark and you are now working or doing business in another European Union country, you still live in Denmark or return here at least once a week.
If you have any further questions, please contact the Statsforvaltningens Information Center directly.