e-Boks.dk and all your documents

Since November 2014, many of the mails you have previously received, will be sent to the new mail account. Currently, about 30,000 private and public institutions are already using this system. Checking and tracking this mailbox is your personal responsibility, so if you received a fine, without receiving a payment bill by ordinary mail, it does not mean that you have managed to get rid of it. Most likely, it came to your e-Boks and you will be charged interest rate in due time. What else can you expect to get into your e-Boks?

  • Pension fund reports
  • Phone and internet bills
  • Electricity bills
  • Bank statements
  • Payslips
  • Inquiries and letters from SKAT, Udbetaling Danmark, municipalities, hospitals, etc.
  • Fines and other bills

Where to find it and how to begin using it

Internet address: http://www.e-boks.dk/

You will also receive public authority letters from borger.dk/Digital Post, but private firms only work with e-Boks.dk, so e-Boks.dk is better to use.

In order to log in, you need to have an active NEM ID

Your mailbox has already been created for you, even if you have never registered or logged in. That’s why you can find emails for you for the first time. As we have mentioned, the use of this mail system is mandatory and therefore you have no exemption from the responsibility of checking important letters in your E-boks.

Advantages of this mailbox solution

It is easy for this mailbox to redirect all your accounts and emails that are still being sent in the old way. Usually, receiving an invoice by post is charged up to 30 DKK. By redirecting mail to your e-Boks, you can avoid this charge and get all the information much faster and free of charge.

The box currently allows you to change the language from Danish to English, but the contents of the messages and other information will still be written in Danish.

The e-Boks also lets you set up notifications to your email and phone number, so an alert will be sent to you every time you receive a new message to your e-Boks. Different senders have different settings, but you can see them all by going to your e-Boks> Menu> New mail notifications (Dan. Besked om ny post).