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Child support money

All children living in Denmark under the age of 18 are paid child money. Even if the children are not resident in Denmark, but one of the parents is working and paying taxes to the Danish state, the payments for minor children are paid as well. Both for employees with long-term contracts and for seasonal workers. Benefits are paid once every three months: 

January 20, April 20, July 20, and October 20th. 

2019 Benefit rates by age group:

0-2 years old: 4.557kr

3-6 years old child: 3.609 kr.

7-14 years old child: 2.838 kr.

15-17 year old child: 946 kr. every month.



Išmokos mokamos visiems dirbantiems Danijoje tiek su ilgalaikiais kontraktais,tiek sezoniniams darbuotojams,tačiau dirbantiems nemažiau nei 39 val per mėnesį.

– You will need a professionally translated and scanned birth certificate if your child was born in a foreign country

– Professionally translated and scanned marriage certificate

– Scanned employment contract (and previous contracts)

– Certificates from tax or other institutions on employment  experience abroad (if there is less than two years employment in DK)

Once we receive your payment, we will contact you by the phone number you provided.

  • Personal data

  • Price: 1,200.00 DKK
  • NemID logins

  • In order to provide data on your behalf, we will need to receive a 6-digit code from you, and with only your login name / password, we cannot log in and do something. When submitting documents, we will call you and ask for a one-time 6 digit code. So you can provide us with this information without worries.
  • Child/Children Information

  • Drop files here or
    Upload a professionally translated birth certificate to English, German or Danish lnguages, and a copy of your last employment contract