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How to order a E106 form?

Call Udbetaling Denmark (+45 70 12 80 81) and order the form, which will be sent to your personal E-Box on the same business day. Then contct relevant authorities in your home country and provide them the form you received.

Where to contact in the event of an unfair owner of a rental house?

Contact the LLO organization or free legal counsel at Copenhagen Legal Aid.

Where to get approval for a notary?

Every Danish city has a notary in the court house. Prices start at 100DKK, a notary list can be found in the link.

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What to do before leaving Denmark?

Most foreigners who lived in Denmark are just "escaping" from Denmark when they return to their home country, but often they regret for not doing what they need to do before leaving. In this article we will explain what is most important to do before leaving Denmark....

What is “fagforening” or Danish trade unions

About 80 percent of Danes are members of one or another trade union. These organizations provide a wide range of services to their members, but their primary purpose is to protect and defend the interests of their clients in their relationship with the employer. If an...

Changing your driving license in Denmark

If you have arrived in Denmark, you can drive vehicles with your valid EU driving license. It is important to note that you can drive exactly these vehicles which your driving license is valid for. Changing the EU driving license to Danish When you have a registered...

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